Having illustrations that are specifically designed for you really draws the eye and stands out from your competition.

Meet our artists

Eva Luna-Rose

Eva is our Director and Head of Design. She loves creating, which is why she moved into the industry – with a love of art, Eva loves to bring designs and illustrations to life that can support the growth of your business!

Abbie Ball

An awesome illustrator that specialises in cute designs that work so well on paper, digitally and in print! Based in Nottingham, this artist loves all things spooky and you’ll often find her watching a Wes Anderson film.

Dominic Leatham

This illustrator and animator recently won the ONE TO WATCH award from Colour in Design Reward, so you know you’re getting great work from this young chap! From lino printing to digital work, this designer can do it all, and animate it for you too!

Carlos Behrens

Carlos is a graphic designer who loves working with illustrations, motion graphics and 3D modelling. Throughout the years he has been able to work on many wonderful projects that has given him the chance to learn new skills and polish them.


Graphic design starts from £20

Illustration starts from £20

Animation starts from £150