We offer discounted rates for charities and non-profits, because we know your money does more in other places than just in marketing.

So why is it important?

We understand that funding and volunteering is a huge part of what makes a charity run. That’s why we know that through the right online presence we can attract more people to get behind your cause.

How can we help?

All of our team has a background in volunteering for the third sector, but luckily for you we have two members of our team who will be working with you to get the most out of your marketing.
Firstly, we have our Contracts Manager who has worked for various charities before moving into the role he’s in now.
And secondly, we have our Head of Design who was a Volunteer Officer and has worked with various charities to create images for every occasion.

Where do we start?

We look at what you have now and how to break it down and build on it – marketing, branding, websites and social media.
It can sound scary but we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help.

What’s the process?

There are different packages we offer, be it a one-off social media crash course, all the way through to the monthly running of your website, blog and social media networks to get the most out of them for you. 

Want to know more?